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„By all assumptions, a gardener does not spring from a seed,
a plan, a bulb nor a grafting branch but from the experiences
the effects of the environment and natural conditionst”

- Karel Ćapek


It is appropriate to compare garden work with alternative therapy. I believe that everyone who enjoys bustling in the garden agrees with me. Nonetheless, each garden owner does not necessarily have to become an impassioned gardener. „By all assumptions, a gardener does not spring from a seed, a plan, a bulb nor a grafting branch but from the experiences on the effects of the environment and natural conditions", has Karel Ćapek said in his book. It is not important why or how it has happened that you have become a gardener – it is possible to change this living room extension accordingly to your life style, taste and level of diligence. In case you are lucking knowledge, skills or even encourage let us help you with great pleasure!

For businesses

Here is an offer for companies whose office buildings are surrounded by even a little lawn plot or green zone. It would be great to add there a colour-giving bed because the impact of a lawn plot alone may look boring. There are many different ways to do that: by using having there flowers which carry symbol colour or your company, making the entering through the building’s main door dignified by adding taller needle trees or filling flower boxes with tasteful compositions. There are companies with a long time tradition of celebrating some important events with planting a tree by a Manager, where the event could be the company’s anniversary, a party for opening a new label or a family day. In that case we will help you by doing preparation work and assuring that the plants and trees will be in the right place at the right time.

Price list

Haljastustööde ja projekteerimise hinnad

Service Description Price / EUR
Greening consulting At client’s site everywhere in Estonia
(outside Tartu county 0,32 EUR per kilometre will be added)
Greening plan Refer to the services under the menu min. 1200.-
Freehand drawing Refer to the services under the menu min. 190.-
Design of burial grounds Refer to the services under the menu Upon agreement
Service of gardener Depending on the scope of work and season Upon agreement
Maintenance in garden Fertilizing, watering, generic maintenance of flowerbeds, poisoning noxious plant, chopping fruit trees etc. 25.-/hour
Preparation of ground Preparing the ground, adding soil, levelling min. 20.-/m2
Plant taxi Buying the plats for you and delivering them from different markets all over Estonian by the list created by you Upon agreement

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